Friday, January 4, 2019

A bit from the past

A few weeks ago, I discovered some of my old writing from when I was much much younger. Most of it is bits and pieces, that barely make up anything substantial. But a few pieces impress even my mature self. So I shared one before....and I'm sharing another today. Enjoy!

I'd walked this way before, I knew I had. So why did it seem so unfamiliar? The grass, once beautifully manicured, now overgrown, patchy, full of weeds. I stepped into the wooded area. The footprints and paths I had once taken so much pride in were long gone. 

I then found what I'd been searching for: my childhood swing set. The metal had rusted not long after I'd left. The slide was gone, that much I knew before. The seats to the teater-totter too, thrown off in a fiery rage. I walked up to the swing I had called my own for so many years and stared at it, now hanging by only one side. Now it's only use is a symbol of my childhood, a memory of what I have lost. I wanted to put my arms around it all, the swing set and my memories. But instead I sat down on my sister's swing and began to pump my legs, harder and harder until I felt like I could touch the sky. I closed my eyes and pretended that I am once again that happy child swinging in the summer sun. 

But then I stop. I am not a child any longer. I have responsibilities and commitments. But oh, how I wish I could go back to a time when I had no worries.  But I can't, and never will. So I get up and leave behind a single rocking swing...and my childhood.

Sometimes there is beauty in looking back on the past.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

A Fresh Start

I love a good fresh start. September when the kids go back to school, shaking off the lazy days of summer. And of course, the beginning of a new year. Especially this year. Despite several bright moments, I'm happy to kick 2018 to the curb, and anxious to see what 2019 brings.

Every year I make resolutions, lists, promises of what I want to accomplish. It's a way to stay focused and help get through the rough months of grey winter here in Jersey. Different areas of my life get different goals and I also chose one overall word to get me through the year.  This year, that word is:


It's a good one I think, because as long as I work at least a little towards something, then I've succeeded. Taking failure out of the equation will hopefully help propel me further into success.

I'm also hoping to be much more consistent with this space and social media in general, so look out for most posts from me! And comment below if there's anything specific you want to see from me.

Hope you all breathe in deep and enjoy this fresh new start. May 2019 be all you want it to be.