Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Survival Tips for Writers

A lot of you are smack in the middle of NaNoWriMo right there {writing an entire 50,000 word novel first draft in a month for all you nonwriters}.  I've never participated before, but it seems like fun! Depending on what I've got going on, I may jump in next year.

Anyways, as you power through your word counts every day, I thought I'd give you a list of survival tips for writers!

- coffee, lots and lots of coffee {or whatever caffeine beverage your prefer} Writing takes a lot of early mornings or late nights, and that jolt is a must.

- good chair. You don't want to be sitting in something too uncomfortable because you're going to be spending a lot of time in it. {something I need to take my own advice on because my chair is not comfortable} You also need to make sure it's not too comfortable that you'll start to fall asleep!

- chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. Or whatever your vice of choice is. Always helps fuel those tough scenes!

- music. Or at least that's what works for me. I can't write with the TV on, I also can't write in silence. I need a good playlist, which varies depending on what novel I'm working on, as well as which scene. Find what works for you!

- support system. This is SO important. You need a group of people surrounding you to encourage you, and help make sure you have time to write. I've also found that you need people you trust that you can bounce ideas off of. I'm lucky that my husband will sit for hours discussing character development and plot points. Getting ideas from others often opens my mind a bit on scenes I'm struggling with.

So that's my list of survival tips. Leave yours in the comments!

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