Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Pitch It

In ten days, I'll be attending my very first writing conference.  To say I'm nervous is a huge understatement.  Networking and approaching new people have never been strong traits of mine.  But if I'm serious about being a writer, then I need to push myself beyond my comfort zone.

The conference lasts all day, and includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  During this time, we are free to approach agents and editors to pitch our stories to them.  A pitch is a quick overview of my book, a way to entice them to want to read it.  I've read that there are two kinds of pitches, both extremely short.  You want to capture a person's attention almost immediately. 

My first pitch  is from my query letter, and is three sentences.  The second pitch is a one-line pitch.  I'm working on trying to memorize them now, so I can confidently use them when necessary. 

For reference, I'm including them below.

One-line pitch:
It's the story of two wounded souls who find love and healing on a cross-country road trip.

Longer pitch:
Sometimes taking that one chance will change everything. The Days, The Road, Our Forever tells the story of two wounded souls who embark on a cross-country road trip, though they only just met. Despite the fears, distance, and emotional scars they need to overcome, the young couple proves nothing is more beautiful than falling in love.

Have you ever pitched an idea or book to an agent before?  Any tips? 

Would these pitches entice you to want to read my book?

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