Thursday, July 30, 2015

Writing while....

The biggest question I get from people recently is how I fit in time to write while raising two little girls.  I'll be honest, it takes a little, well a lot, of planning.  Every day I have to commit to using every available minute I have.

One of the things that helps this, is that I hand-write all my books in notebooks first.  Once the girls go to bed, I type up what I've written for the day.  But it's so easy to just toss a notebook in my purse and go!

I guess it's worked, because in the past year I have written and edited one book, and am over half-way through my second manuscript.  It may not always be easy, but if one of these books gets published one day, it will all be worth it!

Here are a few places I've found myself writing:

Waiting to pick up my daughter after school

While watching my girls play outside

At the pool

Waiting up till midnight for the husband to get home

Pre-workout, while watching a movie with the girls
GASP!  Actually working at my desk!
Where do you find time to write?

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