Friday, July 24, 2015

Writers Groups

When I first embarked on this novel-writing journey, one of the big things I read about was joining a writing group.  They are very supportive and a great opportunity to learn more about the craft.

But part of the reason I love writing so much is I get to do it in the privacy of my own home {mostly in pajamas}.  Networking and meeting new people are not always my strong suit. So the thought of joining a group filled me with anxiety.

I was invited to a few, but still couldn't quite get over myself enough to go.  But thankfully, I've found a way around that.  I found out a friend of mine I 'met' in the blog world a few years ago was also writing the book.  I practically jumped up and down with excitement.  I finally had someone who was going through this process as well.

She and I have since formed our own little writing group. We email back and forth, sharing information, books, and websites.  She's been integral in helping me re-write my query and we edit each other's work.  Plus, neither of us has to leave the house to do it!

For me, for my current situation, this has been perfect.  I have a fresh set of eyes to look at my things, and I'm learning more about my own writing by reading hers.  I still believe strongly in others joining physical writing groups, but this has been good for me right now.

So if you're struggling with writing, or want to expand your craft, join a group, or find a friend you can work with.  It truly is a great experience!

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