Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Writing and Publishing Resources

Once I had finished my novel, I knew the real work was just beginning.  Not only did I have to start editing, I also knew I had a lot of research to do on the process of getting published.  I decided early on that I wanted to go the traditional route of obtaining and agent and hopefully being picked up by a publishing house.  I just didn't know the first thing of how to go about that.

I took to the library first, taking out every book I could find.  I researched on the Internet, and even took a class that was offered at a local high school on getting published.  I read and took notes.  Obviously I still have a lot to learn, and am still constantly reading, but I feel like I know so much more than I did a year ago.  I'm here to share some of the books and websites that have helped me the most.

Getting Your Book Published for Dummies by Sarah Parsons Zackheim and Adrian Zackheim.  This is a great first book to read to give a general overview of the whole process.

The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published: How to Write It, Sell It, and Market It....Successfully! by Arielle Eckstut and David Henry Sterry.  I first got this book from the library, but loved it so much I had to buy it for myself.  It gives details on each step of the process and truly has been invaluable to me. 

2015 Writer's Market Deluxe Edition.  This is the book if you're trying to get published.  It gives a few tips and tricks, but mainly lists and organizes literary agents, book publishers, consumer magazines, and trade journals.  It even has a section on contests and awards.  I could have done all this research separately online {and have a bit as well} but this made it so much easier for me. 

Writer's Digest.  I subscribed to the magazine and am on the website constantly.  It has everything you could ever need as a writer.

Nicholas Sparks.  I am a huge fan of his, having read every single one of his books.  But he also gives some great tips and experiences on his website.  He even includes the query letter he used for The Notebook.  Such a huge help!

Romance Writers of America.  This is obviously genre specific to me.  But if you are writing romance, this is an extremely helpful website

Pinterest has been a wonderful resource for me.  I have a separate board just for all my writing pins.  Come check it out!

I will also be attending my first writing conference in August.  I have never been to something like this before, but am excited to learn as much as possible while I'm there.  I'll be attending the Unicorn Writer's Conference and have heard some really wonderful things about it.

What are your favorite resources for learning about the publishing process?

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